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Teaching Reading Comprehension: A Strategic Approach with Dr Janelle Wills
Teaching reading comprehension: A strategic approach
This three-part webinar series focuses on the development of critical reading comprehension skills through explicit instruction, detailing practical instructional strategies teachers can use to maximise student engagement and achievement. It also addresses the need for vocabulary instruction to increase student comprehension.
SESSIONS 1 & 2 – 8 and 22 October (60 mins each)
Teaching comprehension strategies across the curriculum
The ability to use a range of comprehension strategies effectively is the most critical indicator of success or failure in reading progress. Since reading impacts all areas of the formal curriculum, student achievement is significantly affected if comprehension skills are not fully developed. These first two sessions address recent research on the explicit teaching of comprehension strategies and provide practical strategies that can be utilised across all curriculum areas.
SESSION 3 – 29 October (60 mins)
Teaching academic vocabulary: A must do for understanding and engagement
Research shows that when teachers and schools help students identify and learn essential vocabulary, student comprehension and achievement rises. During this session you will be introduced to a method to determine which terms are most essential and learn a six-step process for direct instruction in subject-specific vocabulary. This process encourages students to learn critical academic vocabulary by connecting terms to prior knowledge using linguistic and non-linguistic means. Games and activities further encourage the refinement and deepening of their understanding.
Recordings: This webinar will be recorded and made publicly available 7–14 days after its conclusion.
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Dr Janelle Wills
Director of Professional Learning and Lead Associate @Hawker Brownlow Education
Dr Janelle Wills is the lead training associate for High Reliability Schools, the New Art and Science of Teaching and other Marzano Research topics. She works extensively with schools, regions and systems throughout Australia. With over 30 years of teaching and leadership experience, Dr Wills maintains a strong commitment to continued learning that enables her to remain both informed and innovative in her approach.